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The Institute administration reserves the right to reder of remover of a trainee in case of: -
Acts of gross indiscipline incase of highly contagious discased. If the presence and influence of a particular trainees in considered to be a whole. Such removal can be ordered at any time whenever deemed fit.



The principal may order temporary cessation of attendance if a trainee found misbehaving with staff &students or damaging collage property.



Discipline is the most important thing of technical education. The college lays grade emphasis on it. No compromise in allowed for the act of indiscipline and misconduct.



A trainee who absents in the training classes for 10 consecutive days without any permission and without any information, will be treated as are absconder and his/ her name will be struck off from the attendance register and will not permitted to continue the training.



Training are allowed the same holidays as per fixed by the state Government.
  • Winter/Summer holidays are not allowed.